2G,Bioethanol Consultancy project relating to Development of the Biomass Supply Chain for 2nd Generation bioethanol production (Croatia). Includes developing business model for biomass supply chain; interaction with Government institutions, contract model for feedstock supply; scoping local and non local supply partners. Ongoing
Energy Crops Management company for Drax Power Station, managing the supply chain for Miscanthus and straw to the power station. This involved managing 120 growers producing 10,000 – 15,000 tonnes of biomass per annum. 2009 – present
Straw Procurement On,behalf of Drax we completed a comprehensive review of UK straw supply and market conditions with scope to advise on procuring 100,000 tonnes of straw. 2015
Solar PV Brown,& Co has advised on a large number of small scale solar PV projects (10kWp to 250kWp) totaling over 1MW of installed capacity. 2009 – present
Large Scale Solar PV Working,with landowners and developers to complete of 75MW of capacity of large scale solar parks (greater than 5MW). Developers worked with include: Lightsource, Canadian Solar, Low Carbon, BNRG 2010 – present
Anaerobic Digestion (AD) – Project Management Project,Managers on a 5.2 MW (2.2MWe) gas to grid AD plant in the UK.,Investment appraisal advice and detailed costings with full financial projections then developed into a Project management role which involved: Overseeing the initial design process and assisting with selecting the AD processor, managing the build,process, producing regular management information, supervising, feedstock contracts (33,000 tonnes) and assisting with the general management of the plant. Total investment GBP 12.8m 2015 – present
Anaerobic Digestion (AD) – Financial Due Diligence On behalf of Clydesdale Bank financial due diligence was carried out, on a 2MW farm based AD plant 2015
Financial Due Diligence Brown & Co were appointed to the technical panel of Natwest Bank to undertake due
diligence work on wind turbine and AD projects
2012 – present
Large Scale On-Shore Wind Brown,& Co has worked with a large number of landowners and developers on large scale wind turbine projects from single turbines to 20 plus projects. Developers we have worked with include: Eon, Npower, RES, Ecotricity, Airvolution and Scottish Power 1980 – present